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A Real Stimulus Plan: Dump Obama & The Progressives

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Trump is The Man!!
*The National Dialogue Has Begun!
*Don't Impeach Obama.. Arrest Him!
**Betrayal in Benghazi
**Support the Benghazi Investigation
**Open Range and Agenda 21 in Nevada
**In Memory of John Sheely
**Who Are Our Domestic Enemies?
**Wake Up, America.... or Die!
**Read Harvard Scholar Obama's rendition on the Crusades here -

Enough is enough: Arrest Obama. Make the call.

America:  Designed by geniuses. Now run by idiots!

Editor's note:
The double asterisk articles listed above will remain on the site indefinitely until the Obama regime is removed from power. The article on Benghazi proves that this regime refused to save Americans under attack where help was readily available. They lied about the video, and lied about that there was "no time to send help." The article regarding our domestic enemies - the progressive left - and the available free book, will remain for all to read. The Cliven Bundy affair, showing the U.N.'s  Agenda 21 in action,  will remain to educate America about this cancerous plan for us. We will add articles as needed, but the actions described herein to save our country are critically important. May every citizen participate and we will prevail.

Trump is The Man America Needs!!

This will work, but it's up to us!

        USIntel.net  wholeheartedly endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. We have now a group of men who love America and have impressive resumes to lead:  Gov. Scott Walker, Senator Ted Cruz, Benghazi Chairman, Congressman Trey Gowdy, and other Patriots to make up a "Dream Team" administration. No more wimpy, stupid community organizers who are really devisive, racist agitators, and liars. The left - those American-hating, thinking challenged, Bolshevik hold-overs from their beloved Soviet Union, aging revolutionaries - need to be thrown into history's dust bin of Rube Goldberg failures. We gave the "first black pResident" a chance, and he gave us the worst non-transparent excuse of an "administration," socialism, illegal aliens who deserve nothing, building up the Muslim population, and endangering the safety and well-being of all Americans. Muslims and illegal aliens are responsible for American loss of life - the most recent, a young San Francisco woman - and Obama will pay for this when he is arrested and tried.
       In the meantime, get involved America!  Go to Trump's website and sign up for updates. Donald needs to see that We the People support him. No donations are necessary unless you want to give. BUT.... PLEASE!! Get involved!  If the Democrats steal another election, then get prepared for suffering and war in America. We can defeat these progressives without violence IF  all of us work for our country. Click on Trump's link below:


*Hear! Hear!  Progressives Trying to Give Obama a Third Term!!

No Third Term for Obama!

      The slimy DemocRATS are at it again. New York Democratic Congressman, Jose Serrano, submitted a proposition (H.J. Res. 5) in the House to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which limits a president's service to two terms. The progressive/Democrats/commies want to promote their dictator for another term - and with their voter fraud tactics, this could happen. Imagine! The worst, ineligible, illegal pResident for another term??!!
       We confirmed his intention by calling his local office. Call Serrano, tell him you oppose this move. There is a procedure for amending the Constitution, and it is not by legislating amendments or repeals. He does not mention H.J. Res. 5 on his website, so this is another progressive "under the radar" sneaky move!  Call Serrano, give him hell on this, and then do call Congressmen in your state and tell them, "No! To H.R. Res.5.
Jose Serrano
Ph: 718-620-0084  Local Office
Ph:  202-225-4361  Washington Office

Find your Representative:


Don't Impeach Obama... Arrest Him!
by Combined Staff

For the sake of saving our country from ruin, and saving American lives, we need to finally challenge the moral legitamacy of this gangster progressive Evil Empire, and the eligibility of its leader to legally occupy office!

As we were about to publish this edition, events began pouring in to reinforce everything in this article, and more. Obama released 5 of the worst Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay prison in exchange of an Army deserter and Islam convert, on his own... that is without the 30 day notice to Congress required by law. Reports were coming in daily about him, Obama, giving weapons and military supplies to radical Muslim jihadists - terrorists - to include shoulder fired missles which can take down a commercial airliner. Now, Iraq is on fire and being asssaulted by Sunni radical terrorists where captured Iraqi government soldiers are being executed and beheaded. The carnage is unbelievable. And what is the master Obama doing? Off to California for a fund raiser and to play golf!!!!  Can you believe it??  No more cover - Obama is a Muslim operative and a traitor to America. There is no doubt that he is willfully committing high treason, for which he must be arrested. Benghazi was a clandestine gun running operation to the ISIS terrorists in Syria like Fast & Furious was a gun running operation to the drug cartels in Mexico!  This man is America's public enemy number 1 and must be arrested, tried, and imprisoned. And now, information is coming in that Obama set up the illegal immigration flood of children across our southern border! His plan is to give illegal and unconstitutional amnesty to all. He is endangering the welfare of the American people. This criminal must be arrested. Here is what every American who still cares about, and loves America must do.

        Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to be president. To our loyal readers, this information comes as no surprise. We have been repeatedly stating this about Obama's ineligibility since 2010. We present this here for our fellow Americans who need to know so that we might finally begin to end this reign of terror by this corrupt, inept, gang of criminals and start the dismantling of the progressive/communist machinary which has been working against American interests for over 100 years! If you don't know what we mean by the term, "progressive," you need to read the adjacent column and order that book and become politically enlightened.

       By now, 2014, it should come as no surprise when we say that Obama is a pathological liar to the extent never seen before in an American leader. But lying is the hallmark of the progressives, as well as cheating, intimidation, a lack of the ability to debate their ideas and to compromise. It's their way or no way. Anyone disagreeing with them is slandered, or worse. So it is with Obama not being eligible to legally qualify to be president because of the fact that he is not a natural-born citizen. If we are to preserve our excellent Constitution, which has been the law of this land since we won our independence from England, we must not - cannot - let Obama and his progressives get away with this infraction of the law. They hate and want to nullify our Constitution. Holding Obama to the law, is our first step in preserving the Republic and nullifying everything Obama signed, and rendering every political appointment by him null and void. Do you understand the importance of that statement?

       The Democrats/progressives/communists (take your pick) like to agrue that our Founding Fathers never defined exactly what comprises a natural-born citizen. But, they did! Our Founders, being practical men and farmers who lived close to the land, followed and were influenced by Natural Law. Natural Law dictated that the offspring followed the ancestry of the father. If he was a bona fide citizen of a country, based on his being born there, then his offspring would likewise be natural citizens of that country, or "natural-born," as opposed to "naturalized" which meant being born in anothor country and moving here to become "naturalized" such as, for example, George Soros being born and raised in Hungary and coming to the United States to become a "naturalized" U.S. citizen. Furthermore, the United States Supreme Court addressed what constitutes a natural-born citizen and made a precedent ruling that has never been challenged to this day.

       In Minor vs. Happersett (1875) , the [US] Supreme Court ruled that a natural-born citizen is someone born to parents -  parents!!  - who were citizens of the country where the child was born, either in-country or within the jurisdiction of the country. In other words, for Barack Hussein Obama to state that he is a natural-born citizen, he would have had to have parents who were both U.S. citizens at the time of his birth, and be born either in the United States or the legal jurisdiction of the United States. This is where things get interesting.

       Obama and his entourage never denied that his biological father was Barack Hussein Obama [Sr.]. Jerome Corsi did extensive research into Obama's history in Where's the Birth  Certificate , and Where's the Real Birth Certificate , and verified Obama's father and all of the questionable data as to where he was actually born. Furthermore, the pResident confirmed that Barack Obama, Sr., was his father in his book, Dreams From My Father.
But Barack Hussein Obama, Senior, was never  a citizen of the United States, but an exchange student from the British jurisdication and former colony which would eventually become the country called Kenya. Using Natural Law to trace the blood-line of our current pResident, would make him out to be a British subject or Kenyan citizen, in spite of the fact that his mother Stanley Ann Dunham was an American. Minor vs. Happersett (1875)  states very clearly that "a natural-born citizen is one born to parents who are both citizens of the country of birth." So, pResident Obama is not qualified to continue to remain in office under Article II, Section 1.5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states, "No person except a natural-born citizen , or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution,  (emphasis added) shall be eligible to the office of President..."
       Furthermore, we have the testimony by Barack Obama's half brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, confirming that the two brothers "share the same Kenyan father, Barack Obama Sr., but had different white American mothers." This information was revealed by pResident
Obama's half brother in the newspaper, The Blaze: (http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/02/obamas-half-brother-reveals-what-the-president-did-the-first-time-they-met-in-kenya-and-talked-about-western-culture/)

       Asked what he has in common genetically with Barack, Ndesandjo said, "I think that the common link between us comes not from [our] shared father (italics added), rather more from our mothers. Both of us had strong mothers..."  Ndesandjo's mother, Ruth Nidesand, Obama Sr.'s third wife, was born in the U.S. to Lithuanian Jewish immigrants. Ndesandjo continues, "Both of us have advantages and disadvantages, and some of them come from our father." He called their father "a boundary-breaking man and to a large extent rebellious. He was a man of great passion and intellect, who attracted many people."
       We rest our case.

       Then there is the question of where  Mr. Obama was really born. He claims that he was born in Hawaii, but there is conflict as to the hospital of birth. No hospital in Hawaii has come forward to verify his place of birth there. This has been extensively documented in Jerome Corsi's books. Obama's friend, former Congressman Neal Abercrombie, upon leaving the House to become governor of Hawaii, pledged to "get to the bottom of the birth certificate issue" for Obama to set the record straight. However, after nearly a year of digging, with much [mainstream] media fanfare, the matter was [quietly] dropped and no birth certificate was produced. Of course, there is that alleged long form "official birth certificate" produced by Obama in April, 2011, which has since been declared a fraud by numerous calliography experts to include the prestigious Cold Case Posse, made up of veteran law enforcement officials under the direction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.
       Then, there is the recorded statement by Obama's grandmother that she was present at his birth... in Kenya! Newspaper articles in Chicago, when Obama was running for the state senate there, announced him as being "Kenyan born."  Obama's publisher's bio stating that Obama was "born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii." But the most compelling, suspicious, and emminently believable evidence, is the Cold Case Posse's revelation that the records of persons entering the United States from other countries during the first week of August, 1961 - the week that includes the birth of Obama on August 6th - have been deleted. Do you understand what was just said?  Entry data of travelers from other countries coming into the United States during the week Barack Hussein Obama was born were deleted!!  No other records of entry were touched to our knowledge. Interesting?

       This issue of Obama's ineligibility has remained unresolved since 2008 - and the progressive left/Democrats/communists are perfectly happy to make you believe that this issue doesn't matter. It does  matter if we are to save our Constitution and our country from these gangster usurpers. Our Founders wrote the "natural-born citizen" clause into our Constitution to assure a president who has full allegiance to America and no other country. Can you honestly say that Obama has allegiance to America, to the Constitution, to the American people judging by his behavior since 2008? Even the die-hard Obama-ites who were eager to vote in the "first black president" are having serious doubts by now. If not, then they belong to the hopeless group. Obama has committed so many crimes, so many direct infringements against our Constitution, authors will have a field day when he's removed from power. But the question is, When?  

       We cannot tolerate much more of this boarderline sociopath. He is robbing our wealth and sending it all over the world - to Kenya to improve their schools, to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups in the Middle East to include weapons and technology. Egypt has brought charges against him in the World Criminal Court for fomenting terrorism and being a secret member of the [Muslim] Brotherhood. He has Muslims in his administration on high levels, wants to destroy our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms and maintain state militias - and we're just warming up. Then there's Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying and IRS intervention in our First Amendment rights. What to do?

       We need to start a campaign aimed at our representatives in the House to form a Special Investigative Committee to examine the ineligibility of Obama to challenge his right to remain in office. We cannot impeach an ineligible usurper and fraud - he is not our president - if he believes otherwise, then prove eligibility! Let's do like the left loves to do, guilty until innocence is proven. His worst crime is that he is killing the spirit of working, patriotic Americans - he is wearing, grinding us down, so that we just give in and give up. We must never give in and give up to this tyrant wannabe! 

       Find the name and contact information of your representative in Congress by going to:


      If you live in Pennsylvania, you're in luck. Congressman Mike Kelly  (R-PA) knows what's needed - American outrage! He told Fox News  that members of Congress must hear from the American people... start contacting Congressman Kelly and tell him to start forming that Special Investigative Committee to challenge pResident Obama's eligibility. Contact him even if he's not your Congressman. Call Congressman Kelly at 202-225-5406.
        Also, contact the Congressmen who are in favor of impeaching Obama; if they're angry enough to be thinking impeachment, they will love the idea of removing Obama without the grueling process of impeachment - direct challenge and arrest! Those to contact are:

House       Steve Stockman  (R-TX),  202-225-1555
                  Paul  Broun (R-GA),  202-225-4101
                  Steve King  (R-Iowa),  202-225-4426
                  Blake Farenthold  (R-Texas),  202-225-7742
                  Bill Flores  (R-Texas),  202-225-6105
                  Duncan Hunter  (R-Calif),  202-225-5672
                  Kerry Bentivolio  (R- Mich),  202-225-8171
                  Jason Chaffetz  (R-Utah),  202-225-7751
                  Michele Bachmann  (R-Minn),  202-225-2331
                  Louie Gohmert  (R-Texas),  202-225-3035
                  Trey Radel  (R-Fla),  202-225-2536
                  Ted Yoho  (R-Fla),  202-225-5744

Senate       Tom Coburn  (R-Okla),  202-224-5754
                  Ted Cruz  (R-Texas),  202-224-5922
                  James Inhofe  (R-Okla),  202-224-4721
                  Tim Scott  (R-S.C.),  202-224-6121

       These men and woman in Congress are the kindling; We the People are the spark. Together, we can start a brush fire in Congress that will reach into the Oval Office. Don't minimize this effort!   Everyone can make the weekly call. Do it from work in the morning on your coffee break! Congressmen respond when the voters start banging down their doors demanding action. We have all had enough of this Evil Empire and the rage is building across America. Funnel that rage through Congress to demand accountability from this pResident. We all like to talk about what's constitutional and what's not. Obama and his Democrats have been in violation of the Constitution since 2008. Can we finally use our Constitution, our national law, to oust the illegal usurper Obama? We can, and we must make the effort. Why? If we let this matter of Obama's ineligibility go, the Constitution will start being ignored - which is exactly what the radical left [progressives] want. We must not allow this to happen! And now, the usurper added the crime of treason to his resume.

Send e-mails, call, write every week - more often if you can - and tell these and your Congressman that you want a reply. This is for starters. Check back to our site and we will be adding updates. We need another huge rally in Washington, D.C. of the same type the Egyptians staged to throw out of office Obama's protoge, Muslim President Morsi last year. We must do that here, and it must happen this year. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Congressional challenge ongoing to coordinate with an ongoing Egyptian-type demonstration in the street? Arrest Obama for fraud, sedition, and high treason for aiding our enemies while endangering our troops in the field.
       We have had enough of this half-black pResident and his demented policies. It's not about racism, that is the cover for the progressive-left which they scream about, it's about the severe character disorder of Obama and his lefty minions that is holding back America's recovery and endangering our safety. These are the most stupid and irresponsible people to hold office in American history. They must be removed!   We now know what must be done. May we all have the courage and conviction to do it!

"Imagine... if you will. A pResident who orders the collection of virtually every fact about American citizens, yet... has all of his own records sealed by Court Order before running for President."

        To contact your Senators, go to:


Benghazi From A USAF Fighter Pilot Perspective
So There Was No Time to Send Help?

Betrayal in Benghazi
Colonel Phil "Hands" Handley, USAF (Ret.)
Reprinted with all rights reserved for the author

        The combat code of the US Military is that we don't abandon our dead or wounded on the battlefield. In US Air Force lingo fighter pilots don't run off and leave their wingmen. If one of our own is shot down, still alive and not yet in enemy captivity, we will either come to get him or die trying.
       Among America's fighting forces, the calm, sure knowledge that such an irrevocable bond exists is priceless. Along with individual faith and personal grit, it is a sacred trust that has often sustained hope in the face of terribly long odds.
       The disgraceful  abandonment of our Ambassador and those brave ex-SEALs who fought to their deaths to save others in that compound is nothing short of dereliction-of-duty.
       Additionally, the patently absurd cover-up scenario that was fabricated in the aftermath was an outright lie in an attempt to shield the President and the Secretary of State from responsibility.
       It has been over a year since the attack on our compound in Benghazi... The White House strategy, with the aid of a "lap dog" press has been to run out the clock before the truth is forthcoming.
       The recent testimonies of the three "whistle blowers" have reopened the subject and hopefully will lead to exposure and disgrace of those responsible for this embarrassing debacle.
       It would appear that the most recent firewall which the Administration is counting on is the contention "that there were simply no military assets that could be brought to bear in time to make a difference" mainly due to the unavailability of tanker support for fighter aircraft.
       This is simply BS, regardless how many supposed "experts" the Administration trot out to make such an assertion.
       The bottom line is that even if the closest asset capable of response was half-way around the world, you don't just sit on your penguin ass and do nothing.
       The fact is that the closest asset was not half-way around the world, but as near as Aviano Air Base, Italy where two squadrons of F-16Cs are based.
       Consider the following scenario (all times Benghazi local):
       When Hicks in Tripoli receives a call at 9:40 PM from Ambassador Stevens informing him "Greg, we are under attack!" (his last words), Hicks immediately notified all agencies and prepares for the immediate initiation of an existing "Emergency Response Plan."
       At AFRICON, General Carter Ham attempts to mount a rescue effort, but is told to "stand down."  ( By whom? The answer to this question is critical to determine who initiated the "stand down" order and, if a subordinate, who was the person giving the order?  Comment added by USIntel.net staff )
       By 10:30 PM an unarmed drone is overhead the compound and streaming live feed to various "Command and Control Agencies" so everyone watching that feed knew damn well what was going on.
       At 11:30 PM Woods, Doherty and five others leave Tripoli, arriving in Benghazi at 1:30 AM on Wednesday morning, where they hold off the attacking mob from the roof of the compound until they are killed by a mortar direct hit at 4:00 AM.

       So nothing could have been done, eh? Nonsense. If one assumes that tanker support really "was not available" what about this:

       When at 10:00 PM AFRICON alerts the 31st TFW Command Post in Aviano Air Base, Italy of the attack, the Wing Commander orders preparation for the launch of two F-16s and advises the Command Post at NAS Signorelli to prepare for hot pit refueling and quick turn of the jets.
       By 11:30 PM, two F-16Cs with drop tanks and each armed with five hundred 20 MM rounds are airborne. Flying at 0.92 mach they will cover the 522 nautical miles directly to NAS Signorelli in 1.08 hours.
       While in-route, the flight lead is informed of the tactical situation, rules of engagement, and radio frequencies to use.
       The jets depart Signorelli at 1:10 AM with full fuel load and cover the 377 nautical miles directly to Benghazi in 0.8 hours, arriving at 1:50 AM which would be 20 minutes after the arrival of Woods, Doherty and their team.
       Providing that the two F-16s initial pass over the mob, in full afterburner at 200 feet and 550 knots did not stop the attack in its tracks, a few well placed strafing runs on targets of opportunity would assuredly do the trick.
       Were the F-16s fuel state insufficient to return to Signorelli after jettisoning their external drop tanks, they could easily do so at Tripoli International Airport, only one-half hour away.
       As for those hand-wringing naysayers who would worry about IFR clearances, border crossing authority, collateral damage, landing rights, political correctness and dozens of other reasons not to act -- screw them. It is time our "leadership" get its priorities straight and put America's interests first. The end result would be that Woods and Doherty would be alive.
       Dozens in the attacking rabble would be rendezvousing with "72 virgins" and a clear message would have been sent to the next worthless POS terrorist contemplating an attack on Americans that it is not really a good idea to "tug" on Superman's cape.
       Of course all this depends upon a Commander in Chief more concerned with saving the lives of those he put in harm's way than getting his crew rested for a campaign fund raising event in Las Vegas the next day.
       It also depends upon a Secretary of State who actually understood "What difference did it make?", and a Secretary of Defense who was watching the feed from the drone and understood what the attack consisted of making an immediate response that "One of the military tenants is that you don't commit assets until you fully understand the tactical situation."

       YGBSM! ("You Gotta Be Shittin' Me!")

        Ultimately it comes down to the question of who gave that order to stand down?  (Italics and emphasis added by USIntel.net )  Whoever that coward turns out to be should be exposed, removed from office, and face criminal charges for dereliction of duty. The combat forces of the United States of America deserve leadership that really does "have their back" when the chips are down.


Air Force expert on Benghazi, Colonel Phil "Hands" Handley is a well-respected USAF fighter pilot. He is credited with the highest speed air-to-air gun kill in the history of aerial combat. He flew operatonally for all but 11 months of a 26 year career, in aircraft such as the F-86 Sabre, F-15 Eagle, and the C-130A Hercules. Additionally, he flew 275 combat missions during two tours in Southeast Asia in the F-4D and F-4E. His awards include 21 Air Medals, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and the Silver Star. He wrote this essay in response to Panetta and Dempsey's claims that there was no time to send help to Benghazi.

Editor's note:   So, there you have it. Another excuse for inaction by the corrupt Obama clan proven to be false. This is a perfect example of what happens when you put inexperienced people, who hate America and have no military experience, in responsible positions. There is no plausible excuse for the deaths of our Ambassador the brave ex-SEALs except criminal negligence and betrayal. Now that a Special Investigative Committee has been formed in Congress, Obama, Clinton, Panetta, et.al., need to be subpenaed and interrogated relentlessly for the truth. All three, and possibly others, are guilty of criminal negligence and/or first degree murder. We are all veterans on this staff, and you never - never! - leave men who are under attack in the field unsupported. This terrorist attack on our personnel was because of some anti-Muslim video, and there was no time to send help??  YGBSM!!!

Support the Special Committee on Benghazi

The leftist-progressives are already lining up their attacks against the investigation into exactly who is responsible for the deaths of four Americans, to include our Ambassador there on September 11, 2012. Please call the Chairman, Congressman Trey Gowdy often to let him know we support him completely. Call his Washington office:


Open Range and Agenda 21 in Nevada
The Cat's Out of the Bag!

       For those who have been paying attention, we saw a raw example of our Shadow Government's motive in Nevada last month when federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management (sic!) tried to muscle another Nevada rancher off of his property for alleged "violations." Cliven Bundy is one of the last ranchers in Nevada refusing to cave in to the land-grabbing feds. Fortunately, the BLM goons were surprised when armed militia units arrived to defend the Bundy family. We all were witness to the dynamics of Agenda 21 in the works. You're still not familiar with the U.N. plan for America named Agenda 21?

       It is every patriotic, America-loving, true blooded American's job to know exactly what is the globalist plan for us under Agenda 21. Get a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down at your computer and do a search using your favorite search engine for Agenda 21. There will be plenty of material to read - read it! Too lazy, or don't have time? Get the DVD titled "Open Range" with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall which will give you a good idea about what's going on. In any event, get informed, support those fighting Agenda 21, and get active. Resist Agenda 21 like the Bundys did against the hired guns of the globalist-banksters. We must never allow these criminals to take our land and relocate us. The fight begins when they draw first blood. Keep your powder dry! 

The National Dialogue Has Begun to Arrest Barack Hussein Obama for Treason and Sedition
The "Hope & Change" Lie is Over!
An Editorial
William Homolka & Staff

        The 2014 election is over, and the American people have spoken. Too bad that Obama, unlike Clinton did in the middle of his presidency, continues to remain arrogant and unwilling to give up his Islamofascist agenda and move to the center and do what is right for America. He will pay a huge price for his arrogant stupidity. More people are moving away from the idea of impeachment, and favoring outright arrest. Had the criminally negligent mainstream media done their job in reporting on the atrocities in the Middle East by ISIS, reported on Obama's meddling in Egypt and Libya, reported on what really happened in Benghazi, covered the ongoing Benghazi special hearing as they did during the Watergate inquiry, reported on this criminal Obama and his gangster cohorts now working in Israel - a sovereign foreign country - to meddle in their upcoming election to overthrow Prime Minister Netenyahu, struck down Obama for his illegal and unconstitutional amnesty "memo," etc., etc., Obama would have been gone long ago. In fact, he would have been a one term pResident, as it should have been. In fact, if they jumped on his ineligibility in 2008, he never would have made into the White House, thanks to these treasonous journalist wannabes.
       Obama is going to prison for high treason in supporting - in fact helping form up the Islamic State (ISIS), supplying weapons and money and comfort to the Islamic jihadists, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and appointing their operatives to sensitive positions in his "administration," gun running in Lybia and Syria as well as Mexico to the drug cartels, and sedition - actively working to overthrow the government of the United States of America. To call him a criminal is not hyperbole, as he has broken laws ever since fraudulently usurping the Oval Office. He and his gang are directly responsibile for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East by his Islamic State - including Americans - and the murder of the four Americans in Benghazi, as well as others as a result of his Fast & Furious operation. His good friends Pelosi and Holder will join him... and more.
       The America people have had enough of this disaster of a pResident, and have been asking what they could do to end this Obama insanity. We could have a war here in America,  but our genius Founding Fathers gave us political recourse so that we do not have to suffer what they endured against the British beginning in 1776. We the People have the power to demand, agitate, and hold accountable every public servant - every Senator, every Representative - we contact to do our bidding. The answer lies in a large involvement by We the People to be proactive and stop the bitching and wringing of the hands.  Kindly read those words again!
        Our Founding Fathers were politically active and got results - so can we, but the key words are politically active!   Did you know that during the American Revolutionary War, only 30% of the population were engaged in actively fighting the British? The remaining 70% were either indifferent or loyal to England. 30% defeated the British Empire and gave us our American Republic!!!   Do you want us to believe that at least 30% of the current American population cannot defeat Obama and his Islamofascist cohorts? We can, we will and we must!   Put down the donunts, turn off the T.V. and decide to save America for our children and grandchildren. And - so far - you're not required to take up arms and head for the woods. Here's the plan that many American Patriots have already started. 

Put down the donuts, turn off the T.V. and decide to save America for our children and grandchildren.

      Call your Senator - every day!  - and insist that a vote be brought to the floor of the Senate to arrest the ineligible Barack Hussein Obama for treason, sedition, and high crimes against the American people.  Get the confirmation from your Senator that he either will do this or not. This may take a while, but do not give up. Do not waver. Stay the course until you hear Senators discussing the vote to arrest Obama. The Senate's Sergeant-at-Arms has the authority once the Senate has voted the approval for arrest, to arrest a President - and this one IS NOT  a legal, eligible, sitting pResident. He is a law breaker going back to 2008. Even further - while a Senator, he went to Kenya to campaign for his Muslim-communist cousin. Imagine?!  His lawlessness goes way back, too much for us to cover here. We'll leave that to other authors after Obama is breaking large stones into pebbles.

       We are working with other Patriots to get a similar dialogue started in the House to form a special committee to challenge Obama's [in]eligibility by fraudulently declaring to be a natural-born citizen born in Hawaii, and investigate all of his phony IDs which couldn't pass an e-Verify check. It doesn't matter whether he's arrested by the House or the Senate, but that he is removed from office to stand trial.

       Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and make the phone calls? Only two are required as each state has two Senators. Do you love your country enough to call your Senators every day?  Every other day?  At the minimum, once a week?   The more motivated among us are calling other motivated Senators such as Ted Cruz, and Pete Sessions, sending faxes and e-mails to badger the Senate with the call, "Arrest Obama!"   If you do nothing, then when the violence begins, when terror attacks commence here as in France, then don't complain!  We as a people will reap whatever we sow. Had enough of this "Hope & Change," the lying, patriotic Americans and veterans being called "terroists" by this lying low life progressive and his fellow perverted liars??  Then, do something!   Join us in this phone campaign to the Senate. You can find your Senators phone numbers by clicking on the link:


       It would be more effective if you call your Senator's office in Washington, D.C. and their local office(s). It all depends on YOU. Please do it!  I leave you with a quote from an American Patriot who really saved an American automobile company from bankruptcy and turned it around into a profitable enterprise.

"Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage with this so called president? You can't call yourself a patriot if you're not outraged. We should be screaming bloody murder!"
Lee Iacocca

In Memory of John Sheely
William Homolka, Editor & CEO

       In November, 2007, I travelled to Kentucky to be with my son who was serving in the Army at Fort Campbell. It was Thanksgiving, and he couldn't come home along with a few of his friends who had to stay behind. The base was a ghost town, as well as the barracks. I met with him and his friends one evening where we shared drinks, cigars and conversation. He introduced me, and learning that John was from Wyoming, I blurted out, "I like him already!"
As a young man, after being discharged from the Marine Corps, I travelled around the country, and was instinctively drawn to the people in Wyoming and Montana. I knew at the time that his friends would soon be deployed overseas, and my heart went out to them.
       Early this year, through the Army grapevine, my son found out that John was killed in Afghanistan. John was a fine, respectful, courteous young man and the news of his death  saddened me profoundly. My heart goes out to his mother and father and family for their loss. I mention his passing here because I want people to know his name, and what a fine young man he was - one of too many of our finest youth sent into hell to suffer and die too soon. This strengthens my resolve even more to see to it that we stop sending our best young men and women into harms way to fight political wars. We must learn to be selective in the wars we enter based on immediate national threat, not profit or nation building, and get in to win and get out. God bless you, John, and I wish your parents strength. We are with you.

Who Are Our Domestic Enemies?
Learn About the Progressives.
Combined Staff

        We have been pummeled for the past six years by a group who hates the Constitution, hates America, ignores the rule of law, has done nothing - nothing!  - to improve the economy and create jobs, spent our money as if it's going out of style, and are scaring the daylights out of the American people about the uncertainty of our future. And just who is responsible for this, besides Obama? It is a political group of Senators, Congressmen, White House staff, local public servants in cities and states, and international thugs who have plenty of money such as socialist George Soros and other globalists and banksters who want to weaken and take down America. The [domestic] enemy has a face, and that face belongs to... progressives. 
       It is the duty of every liberty loving patriotic American to become informed about this dysfunctional group so you know exactly what's going on and isolate this enemy within. Now, the task is easy because of a free book entitled,
The Great Withdrawel:  How the Progressives' 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends , by Craig R. Smith.

      Yes, these people have been active against our Republic since 1913 when they illegally formed the Federal Reserve bank, which is not federal and has no reserves, to meddle with our money supply. The progressives also gave us the present day income tax and - you guessed it - the IRS! Aside from Obama, names such as Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, DiBlasio, Coons, both of the Clintons, etc., all belong to the progressive bunch of gangsters who are working very hard to give amnesty to illegal aliens, give us gun control and gut the Second Amendment, limit our First Amendment rights, destroy Christianity, and these are they ones who gave us Obamacare and more suffering. Think, Democrats! That's where the majority of progressives can be found. 
       We urge all concerned Americans to get and read this book. Pass it on to others to read, and tell everyone who loves America to order their free copy, no strings attached. We make no money by promoting this book because we, as they, are doing this as a public service for our countrymen.

Call  1-877-703-2193

Ask for the book by name, and tell them you heard about them on USIntel.net

Read how the wonderful  progressives gave us -

The Federal Reserve, the Income Tax and the IRS, Economic Stagnation,
High Unemployment, Endless Lying and Fabrication of the Truth, Failing Public Schools, Dumbed Down School Programs Like Common Core, Attacks on Our Constitution, SEIU Union Thuggery & Voter Fraud, Drone Killings, Crony Corruption, 8 Million Fewer Jobs, Detroit, The Destruction of the Black American Family, Illegal Immigration, $17 Trillion Debt, Solyndra, Food Stamps, Fast & Furious, NSA Snooping, IRS Harassment of Tea Party Groups, Stolen Elections, Firing of Our Best Military Leaders, Muslim Brotherhood Members in the White House and Pentagon, Aid to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Terrorist Organizations in the Middle East, The Benghazi Killings of Americans, Anti-Liberty and Unconstitutional Obamacare, Our First Ineligible pResident, the Lowering of American Exceptionalism....

"What Difference Does It Make??!!"
Hillary Rodman Clinton

       The difference, dear Hillary, is that your dysfunctional group of America-haters were/are the cause of America's problems and misery for 100 years, and are the villains responsible for maintaining our stagnant economy and preventing our economic recovery. And the American people are suffering because of  your juvenile group   and your inability to lead.
It is not the American people, not our magnificent and honored veterans, not the Tea Party who are the terrorists, it's the progressives who are America's public enemy number 1!!  This is the group to dismantle.

Wake Up, America.... or Die!
William Homolka, Editor & CEO

Fifty percent of the American people are asleep and unaware of what is potentially heading our way. Can you honestly list any positive things that Obama has done for America in the past 6 years? The economy has been on life support since 2009. Record numbers of Americans are unemployed and on food stamps. Worse - he is killing our spirit! There are those who hate him, and those who still are hanging on to his lie of "hope and change." Change to what? Marriages and friendships have broken up or are strained because of Obama. I lost a lifelong friendship because my friend still defends Obama and I never liked him from day one. My friend, like the 38% (or whatever Obama's approval statistic is now) are in denial. The time is overdue to end this experiment in American socialism/communism and this ineligible presidency. I don't want to see the impeachment of the first [half] black pResident, I want to see him arrested for fraud and high treason and put in prison for the crimes committed against America and the citizens of the world.
       Listen closely, my fellow countrymen and women, Obama is not our legal president - he's doing as he's told by his backers. He's taking money from the American people, and is not doing his job, and he's also being paid by others. He works for them and is throwing us under the bus. This is why he's playing golf and fundraising in California while Iraq burns, and has become a killing field - it's part of the globalist plan and our usurper is on perpetual vacation with their blessings.  Who are these people?
       They are the international, filthy rich globalists and banksters, the fascist goons in the so-called United Nations (to whom Obama has turned often - think Arizona and how he whined to them about how a sovereign state was "violating" the "rights" of illegal aliens), his prime wallet and mentor, international financial terrorist, George Soros, a FOREX currency trader who nearly crashed the British economy when he shorted the pound several years ago. Soros is the most prominent of the globalists who loves the spotlight. There are many more influential players in this assault on American sovereignty who prefer to remain in the shadows and out of sight - but they are there, pulling the strings of Obama-the-puppet.
       In the White House, there is Valerie Jarrett (born in Iran and Muslim influenced, and a communist), John Podesta (communist America hater and trouble maker), George Soros, again (socialist/communist America hater, opportunist) - when was he elected or appointed and approved to be in our White House? - and various high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood (aren't we at war with jihadist, radical Muslims?).
       Two years ago, World Net Daily  began reporting about Muslim jihadist "training camps"
inside the U.S. in various states. Recently, one was confirmed to be in Texas, and there is one in upstate New York. These camps are estimated to number 10 to 30 in various states throughout the country. Why are they there? Why do our governments - federal and local - allow them to exist?
       For about three years now, we've been recieving intel of Russian troop presence inside our borders. There were unconfirmed reports of Chinese troops camped in Mexico on our southern border. We view these reports with guarded skepticism. Putin of Russia is not stupid. I don't think , he'd risk the lives of Russian troops while Americans are armed to the teeth. He must remember what happened in Afghanistan, and we are better armed, organized and as highly motivated. But one should assume nothing, and suspect anything. The Chinese may or may not know better. They're arrogant and think they're invincible.
       So, our enemies are the progressives/communists who I like to refer to as the American Bolsheviks (Obama being the most prominent), radical Muslims, international globalists and banksters to include the U.N., and they are inside  our country - inside the henhouse, so to speak. And there are plenty of countries who want to see us fall - Iran and all Muslim Middle East countries, North Korea, and Obama's "allies," Russia and communist China are suspect.
[We have our work cut out for us] And what do these characters want with us?
       Energy resources and an ample labor force! We have reported before of the vast crude oil in the ground on the U.S. mainland, as well as offshore in our waters. We also have vast supplies of natural gas that the world needs and wants, AND our vast coal deposits the Chinese drool over. Remember, Obama all but shut down the use of coal in the U.S. Could his bosses have told him to save it for the Chinese and others? We have said this before, we have more oil in the ground than all of OPEC combined! The wealth of our crude oil alone is estimated to be worth over $60 trillion (that's trillion) dollars NOT including the wealth of our vast natural gas and coal reserves. And we have over 200 million able bodied men and women to form a labor force to deliver these resources to our fine enemies. Do you think that they will let us unionize and pay us a comfortable wage, or, as in the Soviet Union, we will be kept in gulags and forced to work until we drop?  Are you awake yet?  These greedy thugs are after our wealth in natural resources. Do you really believe that the U.N.'s Agenda 21  is about saving the environment? If you do, I have some cheap beachfront property to sell you in Iowa!
        In case you haven't heard, Obama has armed Homeland Security with over a billion rounds of hollow point ammo(so deadly, NATO has disallowed it on the battlefield), loads of automatic weapons and armored vehicles. He's arming the postal service, education department, and other agencies, is training a corps of young troops under FEMA, has forced over 200 highly decorated and qualified military officers into early retirement and replaced them with people who agree with The King, signed extensive executive orders giving him power in the event of a crisis [which he surely won't let go to waste], and has in place the National Defense of America Act which violates the Bill of Rights by allowing him to arrest and detain indefinitely any American deemed a threat without trial. Sounds like the government is preparing for war - against whom? These are scary times. We have two options:
(1) We can wait and see how all of this plays out, or
(2) We can use the Constitution to remove this ineligible bum from office.

       The first option will surely end badly - martial law, war, or worse. The second option will undoubtedly set the left's hair on fire, but with enough backing from We the People, we can end this Obama nightmare once and for all. ALSO, we need to reaffirm the clout and existense of our Constitution which is the law of this land - the first step in the right direction (no pun intended). We must hope for the best by taking the legal and peaceful  approach (option 2), or prepare for the worst by doing nothing (option 1) which will invariably lead to war and violence. There may be some violence when we move to arrest this illegal usurper as the left will desperately scream racism and spread lies to no end, but I predict that the violence will be short as with the Israelis' Six Day War. 
       These are dangerous times for all. The suspicious disappearance of that Malaysian jumbo jet last year - without a trace? - is highly suspect considering Iranians were on board with stolen passports. I don't believe that it crashed in the Indian Ocean because there was no debris, and no satellite imagery visible. Rather, since it flew off course for several hours, there were no "May Day" calls by the [Muslim] pilot, it landed somewhere and is being prepared for a suicide mission. Israel is certainly within its flying range. Israel closed all of its embassies worldwide months ago, so something's in the air. If we move to arrest Obama, there may be terrorist attacks rising in America. Again, will we wait until it's too late, or do we move now while there's still time? Currently, Obama and his goons are at work in Israel supporting leftists for the coming election to defeat Prime Minister Netenyahu. God forbid if the Obama clan succeeds!
       Obama and his globalists are frantically trying to disarm us and trash the Second Amendment. If you are fortunate enough to own guns, hide them. Protect them. Refuse to surrender them. If you don't own a firearm, buy one. Buy at least a 12 gauge pump action shotgun for your home protection. Our domestic enemies fear an armed America. If they disarm us, we are dead! This happened in Nazi Germany and in Russia before the Soviets grabbed power. And over 130 million (million!!) people perished under their rule. Are you fully awake by now??
        Rural communities are starting to organize. It is more difficult in the cities because that's where the sleepwalkers live. But get to know some leaders on your block. Organize. Get some leaders together on each block - you will have to start talking to your neighbors. Get together some canned food items, water and maybe 50 pounds of rice or pasta to last at least a month. Get a medical kit, medications to store, flashlights and batteries. A crank radio will be helpful  for news which Newsmax.com  makes available from time to time, as well as World Net Daily  ( WND.com ). These are very basic steps to be taken now.

      Work for the removal of Obama by badgering your Congressmen and Senators. We have discussed the tactics in above articles ( Don't Impeach Obama... Arrest Him! ) along with the links and people receptive to getting the investigation going in Congress. Share this website with your friends, family and e-mail network. In this manner we will build a movement of Americas to give us hope and strength to overcome this [minority] of domestic trouble-makers that have usurped our government. Keep the faith and keep hope alive by action and keeping informed.
       Someone asked me, just how far will we need to go to take back our country. To him, and to my readers, I offered a quote from the movie, Boondock Saints . This is a story of two Irish brothers who believe they are chosen by God to rid the world of evil men by sending their souls back to Him to be re-worked. In the final scene, the brothers are in a motel with their vigilante father after executing a Boston Mafia Don. One son asks the father:
       "How far are we going to take this, Da?"
       The father's response is prophetic and appropriate to our cause. He ponders his son's question for a moment, then leans forward:
       "The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution  (emphasis added), the depth of faith, to go as far as is needed?"


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